Peacebuilding Club «Point of Return»


Since 2014, CO «Khram» has been actively providing financial, psychological and spiritual assistance to ATO Veterans. Every week we meet in the circle of former soldiers along with a psychologist and chaplain and build relationships between the families of the military. At times, go out into nature and travel over Ukraine.

The Peacebuilding club helps soldiers who returned from the war to truly “return” home, not only bodily but in their heart as well, finding a spiritual balance and understanding in family, gaining a positive vision of their future. Meetings of the club help the family members of veterans to accept the latter and also the changes that took place in them and with them. We support the military and their wives at this difficult period of their family life.

The important focus of the peacekeeping club is helping widows, orphans and mothers of soldiers who died in the ATO. These are regular meetings, travelling together and having rest, as well as physical and spiritual assistance, emotional support.

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